The Straight Child Foundation is set to
– Provide a powerful voice for persons with cerebral palsy;
– Connect with other cerebral palsy organisations within Nigeria and across the globe to better meet the needs of persons living with cerebral palsy;
– Celebrate and express pride in the strength, ability and achievements of persons with cerebral palsy and other seemingly limitations;
– Provide social protection for these persons and act as an agent of social change to the challenges they face;
– To raise widespread awareness of cerebral palsy and its associative conditions at the local and national level… Read more>>

The Straight Child Foundation is a non-profit, non-political human development organization dedicated to improving the lives of the youth, especially those battling with different physical, social and/or mental challenges and disabilities. The foundation is set to provide a powerful voice for persons living with celebral palsy and connect with other celebral palsy organizations national and internationally to better meet the needs of persons living with celebral palsy

Today, many youth battle with physical disabilities that bring about social discrimination and marginalization. It is to this end that the Foundation is devoted to addressing these challenges particularly for persons with cerebral palsy…. Read more>>

Club Foot Treatment
Cerebral Palsy Advocacy
Youth Empowerment

It was totally awesome to have had NoƩ, the representative of Miracle Feet International with us in Nigeria. His coming, and the activities that surrounded it culminated in the signing of the Grant Agreement. And by that the StraightChild Foundation has become the official partner of Miracle Feet International in Nigeria.

This is awesome in many ways; for the first time, children with clubfoot disability will begin to receive free treatment at the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia. It is truly a dream come true.
And we want to say a big thank you to the commissioner of health in Abia State, the management of Abia State University Teaching Hospital, the management of Federal Medical Center, Umuahia and the members of StraightChild Foundation.
This is a collective victory for all of us. And as we start on this awesome journey with Miracle Feet international, we can only expect to win collectively.

Let’s continue to make a difference.

PARENTS SUPPORT GROUP PROGRAM: The March edition of the Parent Support Group program held at the School of Nursing hall on Saturday 23rd March 2019. It was a huge success with the Cerebral Palsy Ambassador Uchenna Madueke in attendance. Her presence was a huge encouragement to all those that were in attendance

Life Beyond Limits is a weekly radio program hosted by FLO FM Umuahia in partnership with The Straight Child Founation